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In two separate divisions we continue to provide service on large and small scale remodels. We have an established team of laborers allowing us to provide smaller projects with master builder attention at reasonable pricing.

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We provide consultation to clients who are building with another contractor and would like advice or representation on contracts, pay schedules, site inspections and other facets of the construction process with the goal of protecting the client’s interests and helping the job run more smoothly.

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These services allow us to help coordinate design in varying degrees depending upon the client’s needs as well as the construction of the home. Benefits include: helping the client maintain schedule, mediating between the architect and client, translating ideas/language in terms of constructability, cost, and schedule. We provide value engineering and help maintain a budgeted goal to minimize surprises during construction.

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Value Engineering

The process of examining all components of construction from construction methods, square footage, room types, finishes, etc., in terms of cost vs. the client’s intrinsic value or investment value. Value Engineering allows the team to identify discrepancies between cost and value to maximize a return on investment by focusing money spent on areas of high value and reducing money spent on areas of low value.

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Turnkey Construction

Because of our background developing our own projects, we can lend a degree of expertise helping the client through the complete process of construction in terms of cost, schedule, and coordination, including all periphery processes from the big to the small. In a capacity suited to the client’s needs, either more aggressively as leader or more passively as advisor, HNR can help in procurement of land, plan design, financing, construction services, procurement of furniture packages, insurance, utilities, and even stocking the home with food and drink. You give us the parameters, and we give you the key.

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